Test Interface Solutions

Test Millions of Devices in all shapes and sizes

As the leading independent provider of pick-and-place handler change kits, we provide the best quality and affordable kit using only the most robust materials.

We help you define keep out areas and mounting parameters, as well as accommodate special design criteria for ESD, RF, or special thermal considerations. We will work with your board and contactor suppliers too.

After you receive your kit, we’ll provide world-class support to ensure you’re up and running with the lowest cost of test.

What we offer:

  • USA-based with world-wide support
  • Customizable: Designed to unique and custom specifications
  • OEM Quality: OEM trained design team
  • World class customer service
  • Lower cost of test
  • Fast Lead time

Perfect Fit & Function

Our line of board stiffeners are designed and manufactured to meet original OEM specifications.  Our extensive manufacturing and engineering capabilities allow us to provide OEM replacement stiffeners, or custom stiffener designs which ensure they fit and function perfectly.

What we offer:

  • USA-based with world-wide support
  • Cost competitive
  • Quality Guaranteed
  • Lead time

We are one of the world’s leading supplier of automation, fixtures, device kits, and other test-related products.

Manual actuators

Semi-automated testing with thermal option through direct thermal contact. Made to replace thermal air streams with faster and more accurate temperature ramp times. This will reduce test time and improve reliability.


Integrated circuit receptacles that allow for the quick and easy exchange of sockets without the costly damage of desoldering them from the board. Made to fit any socket, custom options available.

Load board Storage

We manufacture various storage solutions to house load boards properly. ESD Safe, robust, and organized.


Vac-Lock IQ system for test floor equipment docking features a universal footprint, precision positioning and positive locking to permit complete inter-connectivity between the test floor equipment. We offer custom docking designs and solutions.

Custom Test Fixtures

Design and manufacture Custom Test Fixtures that meet our customer’s needs.

Many of our standard products had their origins in the unique requirements of a single customer.  We have worked closely with customers to evaluate and solve their critical mechanical problems on the test floor.  Whether or not a similar requirement exists elsewhere in the market, let our engineers propose solutions for your challenges. 

Our customized solutions enable you to always be a step ahead.


Test at any scale, at any stage of the innovation process. Explore our portfolio of application-specific solutions

Offers a full test solution with Test Systems hardware, software & support.

Offers innovative cabling and component test solutions designed for Laboratory, Manufacturing, and Field Use applications.