Machining Services

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AEM’s Machining Services Team aims to support our customers with quick turn engineering, rapid part prototyping, and testing for proof of concept. We have a team of engineers who work alongside our customers to expedite our next-generation testing solutions.

Our team is dedicated to providing the best-in-class services to achieve the best possible design with the lowest possible cost per part for high-volume manufacturing.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers fulfill their engineering, machining, and Quality Control (QC) needs efficiently and effortlessly. Our engineering and rapid prototype centers across the globe are designed and equipped to cater to our customers’ engineering, machine shop, quality control, and engineering lab requirements within one space.

With our site in Tempe (USA), we can meet the needs of prototype, small-volume production operations, and full-fledged manufacturing services using our best-in-class QC equipment and high-precision CNC machines.

Our best-in-class equipment and high-prevision CNC machines include:

CNC Equipment List
  • 2 Haas DM1 High-Speed Vertical CNC
  • 1 Haas ST-15, CNC Lathe
  • 1 Haas HTS400 Tool Pre-setter
  • 1 Haas VF-4SS High-Speed CNC
  • 1 Haas UMC-500SS 5-Axis CNC
QC Equipment List
  • Keyence VHX-7000
  • Keyence VNX-970F
  • Smart Scope Zip 250
  • Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex V CMM
Additional Manual Equipment
  • Vectrax Mill Drilling
  • 1 Sharp Lathe
  • 1 Summit Lathe
  • 2 Sharp Mills
  • 1 Summit Mill
  • 1 Chevalier Automatic Grinder
  • 1 Chevalier Surface

*Equipment listed above is available at our Tempe site. Please note that the equipment list differs each site, do reach out to us to find out more.

Providing services from:

For prototype, small-volume production operations.

Tempe, US

8930 S Beck Ave Suite 101
Tempe AZ 85284

+1 (480) 498-4820

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