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AEM’s mission is to provide the most comprehensive semiconductor and electronics test solutions based on the best-in-class technologies, processes, and customer support.

Brand Values

An Innovative organization is a Resilient one.

Customer & Employee Intimacy for a unified organization.

Agility and Operational Excellence for a strong execution.

Ethical & Trustworthy.

The AEM Narrative

Semiconductors and electronics are the engines of advanced computing, connectivity and sensory technology – which drive the cyber-physical revolution that is rapidly changing the way we live, work and play.

Successful innovation and meaningful adoption of these engines of the modern world require rigorous and agile testing that integrate with their rapid advancement, assuring reliability, enabling scalability, and accelerating progress.

This is why at AEM, we believe that test is essential to the process, and progress of innovation. We integrate test, smart automation and handling solutions with the design and manufacturing process, to leverage critical, real-time data to provide optimized test coverage, assuring our customers that their products are safe, reliable, and work as intended.

With our global network, localized support and full-stack test capabilities, we work closely with our customers to develop integrated test that accelerates delivery cycles and enables better product quality. We understand needs, identify opportunities, orchestrate complex solutions and harness our ideas and expertise to optimise the test process. We enable our customers to fully realize the potential of their innovation with speed and confidence.

To us, test is an opportunity to set the standards and push the limits of innovation. The toughest innovation challenges spark our most innovative thinking and solutions. We’re passionate about asking the difficult questions, challenging the system, and inspiring those around us to do the same. It is in our nature to always be critical, yet inspirational, pushing ourselves and our partners towards stronger innovation outcomes.

At AEM, we innovate test to test innovation, enabling the development and adoption of countless products and systems which shape, connect, and power our future.

Testing Innovation
for our customer’s success.

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