System Level Test (SLT)

Cost-effective and reliable solutions for greater coverage

As technology nodes continue to evolve and with a more aggressive time to market to bring devices to their end applications, full test coverage of such chips is possible only with System Level Testing.

System Level Testing will no longer just be used only by chip manufacturers but also to test modules and panels in the electronics industry.

As a leader in test innovation, our solutions are the most extensive in the industry. There is a revolutionary shift towards System Level Testing, and we are uniquely positioned to support our customers through this transition.

Semiconductor Test Solutions

  • Automated System Level Test and back-end test, including Burn-In
  • Massively parallel and asynchronous pick-and-place solutions combined with Active Thermal Control
  • Multi-process, multi-insertions
  • AOI solutions – AI & 3D inspection

Massively parallel Test Cell Concept

AEM’s approach to SLT enables increased coverage of the test flow

Pioneering High Density, Modular Test Cells since 2002 with over 40,000 SLT sites in production


System Test IP & Architecture

Thermal Arrays/Change Kits/Sockets


SLT Solutions

Configurable Test Unit (CTU) Lab Environment

The CTU building block enables rapid scaling from lab to high volume manufacturing by using common equipment, thus reducing the need for correlation when going from one environment to the next

Engineering & Pre-Production

HVM Flexible Configuration up to 320 sites with full turnkey factory automation

Markets We Serve

Computing / CPU / GPU / AI Chips


Mobility Application Processors


Our vision for Modular Testing

For over two decades, we have been leading the industry with our innovative and collaborative approach to applications specific test solutions. By bringing together our technology pillars, we have consistently designed and delivered Complete Solutions to ensure that our customers achieve greater test coverage and maximise their innovation’s reliability, and commercial success. AEM has deployed over 35,000 System Level Test sites and 5,000 Final Test sites. We are also ramping up our Burn-In solutions with multiple customers.

Today, we see a paradigm shift in the industry and the need to test differently. With the rise of heterogeneous packaging, we use high-performance, high-density modular, Asynchronous Massively Parallel systems to test complex devices. Thermal control is fast becoming a key component of the test equation. We are pioneering one-of-a-kind multi-zone thermal solutions to support extreme power dissipation of modern devices while ensuring total force control to avoid damaging the Devices Under Test.

Data analytics, machine learning, and AI will play a key role in reducing the cost of testing and increasing test coverage in the near future. At AEM, we integrate these features in our tools to be ready for our customers and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to testing methodology.


Reimagine your test flows and deploy customized solutions


Test at any scale, at any stage of the innovation process. Explore our portfolio of application-specific solutions

Offers a full test solution with Test Systems hardware, software & support.

Offers innovative cabling and component test solutions designed for Laboratory, Manufacturing, and Field Use applications.