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We are curious, creative, and collaborative, embracing agility in the way we work and think, approaching challenges from all perspectives to fuel innovation. We have a purpose: A Zero Failure World

We are a diverse team of proactive and creative problem solvers with a shared purpose. We have a culture of strengthening confidence, where ownership is encouraged, learning is supported, and ideas are empowered.

You will be a valuable contributor for a unified organization, an industry leader with an innovation focus, and where being customer-centric means first investing in our people and culture. 

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The most important part of my work is making sure that all the components come together to work as one – just like our team. I work closely with our software team based in France, the mechanical and software team in Singapore, and with our customers, to deliver the solutions that they need.
Wen Le Xing, Staff Application Engineer, Instrumentation
Technology is constantly changing, and in an industry like ours, we must keep learning and growing our skills. I enjoy accessing training programs that has been provided to enhance my technical knowledge in programming language and learning soft skills like problem-solving. I can apply my knowledge to build better software that brings our customers a seamless and easy-to-use experience.
Ng You Fook, Software Engineer
Every day is a new experience at AEM, I am presented with many different and exciting challenges and opportunities each day. Although the work may seem tough initially, especially for a newcomer like me, I am very lucky to have such supportive and helpful colleagues that guide me every step of the way. Together with the support of my colleagues and the training programs available, I've been able to advance my programming skills and play a part in progressing projects more efficiently.
Liew Zhi Qing, Software Engineer
I have never been a part of an organization like AEM. There is a culture of open communication, and there is a platform to share my thoughts on improving or implementing new ideas. More importantly, my suggestions are taken seriously and implemented when they fit the big picture of where we are going as a company. I truly feel like I’m making a difference at my workplace.
James Florio, Regional Sales Manager, Test and Measurements
The strong emphasis the company puts on hard work and quality drives me to take on projects that are challenging, not just as a project, but also working with people across the organization. I’ve found joy from working with colleagues from other regional offices in such a collaborative atmosphere.

That has allowed me to grow and thrive as a professional in AEM as I’ve learnt how to interact effectively with team members and customers to provide the best quality work possible.
Yanna Aparicio, Office Manager

Engineering: Internship & New Grads

As engineering students, we believe you have what it takes to be innovators, disruptors, and game-changers, and we embrace that at AEM. We take an innovative approach to students and new graduates keen to join us.

We ask that you Interview Us. Speak to our Talent Team and decide if we have what it takes for you to begin to build an exciting working experience with us!


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