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We are curious, creative, and collaborative, embracing agility in the way we work and think, approaching challenges from all perspectives to fuel innovation. We have a purpose: A Zero Failure World

We are a diverse team of proactive and creative problem solvers with a shared purpose. We have a culture of strengthening confidence, where ownership is encouraged, learning is supported, and ideas are empowered.

You will be a valuable contributor for a unified organization, an industry leader with an innovation focus, and where being customer-centric means first investing in our people and culture. 

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The strong emphasis the company puts on hard work and quality drives me to take on projects that are challenging, not just as a project, but also working with people across the organization. I’ve found joy from working with colleagues from other regional offices in such a collaborative atmosphere.

That has allowed me to grow and thrive as a professional in AEM as I’ve learnt how to interact effectively with team members and customers to provide the best quality work possible.
Yanna Aparicio, Office Manager
There are always opportunities to hone and grow different skills – technical and soft skills – with our learning and development team constantly providing workshops and programs. I’ve learnt a great deal of new skills and technology that I’ve been able to bring into new products.

The innovative culture of the company allows us to try new things. We are empowered to challenge the status quo with leaders who will motivate and encourage us, and our customers that are willing to take a chance on us.
Arun Kumar, Staff Electrical Engineer
When an issue surfaced with just three days before the project deadline, the project leads took this challenge in stride. Together with the leads, we pushed our sleeves up and worked on solving the problem together – even when it took extra time and effort. This experience showed me that with resilience and perseverance, anything could be possible.
Foo Jia Lim, Software Engineer
I love working with the diversity of people here at AEM. We have team members from all over the world and it is interesting to see the perspective that each individual brings to certain situations. With the different viewpoints and close collaboration, we’re able to come up with innovative solutions as a team to solve our customers’ problems.
Mark Drury, Senior Director, Field Operations

Engineering: Internship & New Grads

As engineering students, we believe you have what it takes to be innovators, disruptors, and game-changers, and we embrace that at AEM. We take an innovative approach to students and new graduates keen to join us.

We ask that you Interview Us. Speak to our Talent Team and decide if we have what it takes for you to begin to build an exciting working experience with us!

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