AEM’s TestPro Multifunction Cable Certifier Receives Warranty Program Approval from Leading Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturers

CHANDLER, Arizona, July  7, 2021 â€“ AEM, a global leader in test and handling solutions, today announced that leading cable manufacturers Belden and CommScope have approved the TestPro CV100 Multifunction Cable Certifier meets their requirements for warranty program approval.  Additionally, TestPro meets Corning’s guidelines of the LAN-1561-A4-BEN “LANscape® Solutions Recommended Fibre Optic Test Guidelines”.    

Belden has approved the TestPro CV100 Cable Certifier to be used in testing Multimode and Singlemode Belden Fiber Optic Structured Cabling Systems, including FiberExpress®, with version 3.2.R2 or later, and appropriate Multimode (AD-MM-K01E) or Singlemode (AD-SM-K01E) hot swappable test adapters. Belden also accepts the test results provided by TestPro for all FiberExpress® Certified Systems Installations warranty programs.   

CommScope has approved the TestPro CV100 with version 2.9.R4 or higher.  Testing Multimode and Singlemode CommScope structured Cabling Systems with TestPro CV100 is supported under the SYSTIMAX 25 Year Warranty requirements.  The TestPro CV100 was tested against the optical loss test equipment used in CommScope Labs including encircled flux compliance, spectral profile of light source, and stability.  The TestPro demonstrated a high degree of correlation with laboratory test results. 

For Corning’s Network of Preferred Installers Program (NPI) warranty, no specific manufacturers of test equipment are endorsed or “certified” by Corning for use in the certification of installed cabling systems. Instead, the test equipment is considered acceptable so long as it falls within the guidelines of their document LAN-1561-A4-BEN “LANscape® Solutions Recommended Fibre Optic Test Guidelines”.  AEM TestPro CV100 products using the Multimode or Singlemode Fiber adapters for Optical Loss Testing conform to Corning LAN-1561-A4-BEN. 

AEM’s hot swappable Multimode and Singlemode fiber optic test adapters provide Tier 1 certification, in addition to reporting of network compliance, based on the performance of the link tested.  It has an integrated visual fault locator, handy for a quick visual check of breaks in the cable. Unique to AEM fiber optic test adapters, is the ability to simultaneously test Loop Resistance of electrical Copper Pair in Hybrid Powered Fiber.  The ability to measure electrical voltage is also available, and fiber scope support makes this a well-rounded fiber optic test solution.  

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