July 9, 2021

As a leader in Equipment Systems Solutions (ESS), we provide our customers with customised system solutions for mass volume manufacturing and new technology development laboratories. Our ESS integrates precise high-speed motion, innovative mechanical design, advanced programmable logic control, sophisticated graphical user interface design and reliable compliance communication protocols. These are deployed globally at worldclass semiconductor, solar cells, and storage media manufacturing facilities.

We started 2020 strongly with our key account accelerating its order placement for handlers and consumables to support multiple new product launches on their more advanced semiconductor nodes. Our team was committed to ensuring our customers’ success as they launched multiple new products for their more advanced semiconductor nodes. During the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, demand remained strong due to the increased PC sales from work-from-home and home-basedlearning. Also, we continued to forge ahead with ongoing development programmes with our key account, delivering the first production systems for hybrid solutions.

When we faced the health crisis in the first quarter, our immediate priorities were early business continuity plan implementation and Safe Management practices across sites. With the subsequent lockdowns in Singapore and Malaysia, our focus shifted to getting ahead of the COVID-19 impact by establishing supply chain resilience and mitigation plans. We accomplished this through sites’ self-sufficiency, key material secured through global sourcing, and increased safety stocks.

Amidst the pandemic, we partnered our customer to step up availability and collaborated to scale up engineering projects. We expanded capacity across our Singapore, Malaysia, and China manufacturing sites to support production ramps and quick turn. Our Field Service Engineers (FSEs) across all our manufacturing sites were quick to learn and support each other’s expertise to ensure seamless production. This was done using Virtual-Reality (VR) technologies for virtual teaching and training due to global travel restrictions. It proved the entire team’s agility, resilience, and collaborative efforts – from manufacturing, FSEs, supply-chain management, warehouse/logistics, quality assurance and engineering. Not only did we meet all shipment schedules, equipment installations and development milestones, we surpassed our 2020 shipment commitment for another record revenue year.

As we move into 2021, we expect to gradually phase-in production systems for the hybrid solutions with continued demand for consumables and spares over our equipment’s lifetime. Building on our close engineering partnership, we will continue to explore new technology collaborations with our customers.


Seah Boon Seng
Senior Director, ESS Business

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