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Innovative, full-stack solutions, tailored for advanced semiconductor technologies

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A Global Leader in application-specific semiconductor test and handling solutions. 

Developing and acquiring world-class technologies in instrumentation, testing, automation, robotics, optical inspection, high-end thermal control, and software.

Test Cell Solutions

System Level Test Solutions

Test Cell Concept enabling Burn-in, Final Test Lite, and System Level Test on a single platform.

Wafer Test Solutions

Wafer Probing, Frame Probing, Wafer Sort Equipment, MEMS Sensors.


ATE Solutions

Full test solutions with highly integrated digital, power and analog instruments, mature software, and global support services.

Precision Cable Test

Network infrastructure solutions certify Ethernet and Fiber Optic cabling and validation testing across various Smart Building technologies.

AEM disrupts the test flow with its SLT+ offerings and world-leading thermals

Rapid, cost-effective delivery of customizable test solutions to assure total system reliability, without the burden of a legacy install-base. Talk to our Experts today.

CIS Integrated Test Cell

M7IS ATE Solution
Application Specific Test Solution with integrated light source

AEM Illuminator
Integrated light sources combined in a single instrument

Z1 Handler
High Throughput handler with unique flip mechanism for “live bug/dead bug” configurations

Customized Solutions for the Needs of Advanced Industries


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A global footprint with world-class test and innovation capabilities

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Test at any scale, at any stage of the innovation process. Explore our portfolio of application-specific solutions

Offers a full test solution with Test Systems hardware, software & support.

Offers innovative cabling and component test solutions designed for Laboratory, Manufacturing, and Field Use applications.