July 9, 2021

The Test and Measurements Solutions (TMS) Business Unit builds on years of engineering expertise in providing high port density RF test solutions in small size. The technology integral to these solutions, Vector Network Analyser (VNA), powers AEM’s handheld testers TestPro and NSA, the manufacturing test system MMVNA, and the optical fibre bandwidth test system WideOptix.

Initially developed for testing the network cables in office buildings using handheld testers, the technology’s scalability made it possible for AEM to provide innovative test solutions for automotive and 5G front-haul network validation.

Today, some of the largest automotive cable harness manufacturers entrust AEM’s MMVNA solution for ensuring the data transmission capacity of the in-vehicle cabling. Increasing dependence on reliable high-speed data transfer due to vehicles’ increasing autonomous functioning leads to greater demand for high-performance testing. In addition to continued business from customers already served, TMS receives inquiries from automotive harness makers globally.

Multimode fibre optic cables often used by 5G indoor networks to connect radio units and switches need to meet stringent bandwidth requirements. Developed in collaboration with a research lab in China to serve a large 5G operators’ suppliers, AEM’s WideOptix system analyses these cables for their bandwidth performance using innovative measurement methodology.

We actively participate in major cabling industry trade shows such as BICSI events in the US and automotive testing events. We contribute actively to the TIA (Telecommunications Industries Association) standardisation efforts and ISO committees. AEM has demonstrated technology leadership in defining and implementing test requirements for new generation communications networks. In 2020, we saw growth in our TestPro sales in the US and Asia. We launched a new product called the Network Service Assistant (NSA).

Our team has developed innovative test solutions for automated testing of passive communications devices such as connectors, working closely with the System Level Test business unit of AEM. These high-performance test solutions are already deployed at two customer sites.

In addition to serving existing customers, we collaborate closely with AEM’s other business units to combine our test capabilities with AEM’s automation expertise, to offer our customers unmatched testing innovation to solve their testing challenges.


Harshang Pandya
General Manager, Test and Measurement

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