World’s First Cryogenic Wafer Prober

Wafer and Frame Probing

Our wafer and wafer-frame probe stations are optimized for test and calibration of a variety of MEMS and other semiconductor devices. The main benefits of our application specific test solutions are:

  • Early device characterization at wafer level -> Faster time to market
  • Improved quality control during wafer manufacturing -> Better yield and product quality
  • Known Good Die and quality binning during wafer sort -> Cost savings
  • Final test of wafer level packaged devices -> Improved yield by eliminating pick and place operations


Pressure Sensor Test System

Our versatile AIOLOS platform offers automated probing from development lab to high volume production. It caters for up to 200mm wafers and wafer-frames. The system allows both robotic and manual loading.

The standard configuration supports pressure levels from standard vacuum to 2.000hPa(abs) at Pa level resolution. Optional high vacuum and high-pressure versions are also available.

It offers a range of temperature options that allow testing at automotive grade temperature levels.

For probing of diced wafers on wafer-frames the AIOLOS comes with our innovative active alignment feature to maximize the number of devices under test in one touch-down.


Multi Purpose Frame/Wafer Probe System

The versatile AFORE MPP platform offers automated probing from development lab to high volume production. It caters for up to 200mm wafers and wafer-frames. The system allows both robotic and manual loading.

For probing of diced wafers on wafer-frames the AFORE MPP comes with our innovative active alignment feature to maximize the number of devices under test in one touch-down.

The AFORE MPP platform offers a range of temperature options that allows testing at automotive grade temperature levels.

Together with our MSU10 Magnetic Stimulus unit the system is perfect for calibrating magnetometers and other devices requiring magnetic fields for test.

The modular design of this platforms allows testing of a wide range of devices, for example thermal sensors stimulated with a black body source.


Inertial Sensor Wafer Probe System

Afore’s specialized probe station for precise test and calibration of gyroscopes and accelerometers.

The probe stations’ sturdy structure enables probing, testing, and stepping in any orientation or during rotation with high positioning accuracy. It uses unique mechanics placed in a dual-axis turning unit with infinite rotation.

The KRONOS handles wafer sizes up to 200mm with high multisite testing capability and optional temperature chuck systems.
The system allows fast automatic wafer or frame loading from cassette to prober and back.

Together with the MSU10 Magnetic Stimulus Unit, KRONOS enables real 9DOF to calibrate combined sensor systems including accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers using real stimulus in one single process step.

This makes it also a perfect solution for the Final Test of inertial and e-Compass systems.


Magnetic Field Generator For Sensor Calibration

The MSU10 Magnetic Stimulus Unit is designed for test and calibration of magnetic sensors within a 10x10mm homogeneous field within a wafer probe station.

The 3D stimulus unit includes three separate coils generating X, Y and Z magnetic fields with a flux density of up to 1000µT.

Integrated into our probing platforms, the stimulus unit is mounted to the top of the probe card holder and can be combined with our custom designed non-magnetic probe cards.


Wafer Level QBIT Testing

The Cryogenic Wafer Prober CWP-HE is a unique system for wafer-level testing of cryogenic quantum devices, electronics, and detectors. As a probing solution for up to 12” wafers, it enables testing in sub-2K temperatures. The system provides a means for fast sample characterization with a throughput up to 100 times faster than commonly used cryogenic chambers as well as the possibility for volume probing of entire 300mm wafers.

Together with Afore’s low-temp probe cards our unique active alignment system allows users to locate and contact devices automatically anywhere on the wafer.

A modern and intuitive user interface provides direct control and full overview. The 4 servo-controlled axes of the probe station can be switched off during measurements to minimize electronic noise and the load lock system allows fast wafer change in cryogenic temperatures.

The CWP-HE was developed as a cooperation between Afore and Bluefors, the Finnish company for “dry” cryogenic cooling.

Final Test and System Level Test Systems


Rate Table For Inertial Sensor Calibration

The flexible Metis rate-table test system is designed for a wide variety of test applications from laboratory use to mid-volume production testing of motion sensors.
Its configurable design allows to configure the system for your needs!

– 1-axis rate table for gyro testing
– 2-axis unit for accelerometer and gyroscope testing
– 3-axis gimbal system for simultaneous yaw, pitch and roll stimulus

Multiple tooling and measuring instrument options give benefits in numerous applications:

– Motion sensor R&D
– Sensor post assembly calibration
– Human motion simulation in IoT and Virtual Reality device software development


Automotive Grade Strip Level Inertial Sensor Calibration

The Apollon is a tri-temp strip level test system for motion sensor calibration. It offers excellent testing conditions, precise stimulus and accurate temperature control with low noise levels.

The test handler is especially designed for high-end automotive MEMS gyroscope and accelerometer testing. Tightly controlled temperatures from -50°C to +150°C provide accurate and uniform test conditions.

Before testing DUT’s are soaked at the desired temperature inside of the system’s test chamber. This results in very high tests capacity.

Custom Systems

We offer custom system development services for a range of MEMS and semiconductor device process steps like laser marking, encapsulation, package inspection, and more.


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