Pioneer in MEMS Final Test Wafer Level

Wafer and Frame Probing

Our wafer and wafer-frame probe stations are optimized for test and calibration of a variety of MEMS and other semiconductor devices. The main benefits of our application specific test solutions are:

  • Early device characterization at wafer level -> Faster time to market
  • Improved quality control during wafer manufacturing -> Better yield and product quality
  • Known Good Die and quality binning during wafer sort -> Cost savings
  • Final test of wafer level packaged devices -> Improved yield by eliminating pick and place operations

Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensors are more frequently used in industrial, automotive, aerospace, medical and consumer applications with a wide range of pressure levels.

Calibrating these sensors requires measuring of the sensors output at various pressure levels and temperatures. Accurate pressure and temperature control result in precise device calibration.

Afore introduced the first system for pressure sensor testing at 2000.

Advantages of our solutions include well defined test environments, the ability to set and maintain precise pressure levels and temperatures.


Gyroscopes are widely used in the automotive industry, industrial and mobile applications as well as for entertainment devices. There is also an increasing demand for consumer electronics like radio-controlled drones.

Accurate sensor calibration is needed to ensure proper position calculation in navigation functions. Precise angular rate control is required for accurate sensor calibration. Afore’s test equipment provides excellent stimulus accuracy for gyroscope testing under real physical conditions and in any orientation.


Afore has a long experience in specialized probe stations and solutions for MEMS accelerometer testing.
Accelerometers are increasingly used in modern technological solutions, from automotive and medical applications to consumer electronics, portable electronic devices and wearables.

Our automated test solutions focus on accurate sensor positioning and high throughput to provide optimal device performance combined with low Cost of Test.

E-Compass / Magnetometer

An E-compass is a tilt compensated electronic compass utilizing an accelerometer and a magnetometer sensor. It offers new possibilities for navigation, gaming and virtual reality input devices, pedometers, location-based industrial and consumer electronics. Creating a stable and homogenic magnetic field is essential to properly calibrate magnetometer and E-compass devices.

Afore’s magnetic field generator provides a high-quality magnetic field in X, Y and Z directions for optimal calibration of magnetic sensors.

Combined with our probe stations this field generator can be used for probing of magnetometers only or complete e-Compass systems including accelerometers.

Cryogenic Wafer Probing

Cryogenic wafer probing is important for device testing of several emerging technologies like cryogenic quantum computing and supra-conductive CMOS semiconductors. Temperatures near absolute zero are essential for these applications.

In order to reach these temperatures in a cost-effective and fast way, it is beneficial to cool the entire wafer inside a thermally and atmospherically isolated vacuum chamber. With our new solution, we allow up to 100 times faster throughput in sample characterization compared to traditional single device testing. It speeds up the development of cryogenic quantum devices, electronics, and detectors.

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