Assembly Technician

Job Location: Penang, Malaysia

Job Position
ESS Technician / Senior Technician
Reporting To
ESS Engineer / Manufacturing Manager
Overall Description of Job
▪ Coordinate and Supervision
▪ Costing control
▪ Best Practice
▪ Production & Product Quality Control
▪ Strategic Input
▪ Section underneath is Equipment Development Manufacturing & Assembly
Responsibilities & Duties
▪ Work close with other assembly team member to complete the machine assembly according to the WI and work traveler and complete within the reasonable timeframe given.
▪ Complete task given and assigned by supervisor / engineer
▪ Works follow the WI and work traveler given.
▪ Aware and support the improvement processes in support of company goal and budget
▪ Follow and adherence to company rules, regulations and procedures
▪ Performance evaluated thru KPI
▪ Participate in the work of various sections involved in production
▪ Work closely with supervisor / department head in achieve customer OTD
▪ Ensure quality of products produce
▪ Manage and maintenance of tools, equipment and machinery in the department
▪ Provide technical support where necessary
▪ Support to production manager / operation manager in development of strategic plans for operational activity
▪ Perform any other tasks and duties that are essential to the objectives of the Company.
▪ Issuing Material Request for the department

Sorry! This job has expired.

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