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August 2, 2022

The Instrumentation Business Unit (BU) includes two groups with high-growth potential – Test and Measurement Solutions (TMS) based in Singapore and Automated Test Equipment Solutions (ATE) located in France and Singapore. Our technology expertise enables us to develop application-specific solutions to meet our customers’ needs. 

ATE Complete Test Solution

2021 was a pivotal year for our ATE division. We completed the development of our CMOS Image Sensor total solution. This project is a great illustration of AEM’s unique commitment to support its customers with application-specific solutions uniquely designed for their needs.

We used the full spectrum of AEM capabilities with one-of-a-kind automation, in-house illuminator, and ATE offered at a very competitive price. We are now actively promoting this solution to multiple customers; we expect multiple orders in collaboration with our partner in the near future. We intend to extend our partnership with UTAC beyond CMOS image sensors to engage more customers together in Asia.

At SEMICON Taiwan 2021, we presented a “live” demonstration of our M5S-HD tester, an ATE solution designed to meet the market demand for affordable and efficient test solutions. We received positive reviews from the attendees, and we continue to connect with customers in industries such as mobile devices, consumer, computing, and automotive.

We continue to see a unique opportunity for our test solutions in China. This year, we established the infrastructure – both technology and strategy – and we expect to engage customers in 2022. We have the right solutions for this challenging market. 

Purpose-Built Field Test Equipment for Smart Building Technologies

Before Smart Building Systems, cable and connectivity testing was straightforward. However, the demands of today’s testing require assurance of all aspects of the network, such as active and passive components, to verify appropriate distance, power, and bandwidth. There is a greater need to meet higher industry standards beyond initial certification, which has led to the process becoming increasingly complex. Our engineers are steadily staying ahead of the test curve to meet our customers’ needs from optimal performance to scalability for today and tomorrow’s applications needs.

TMS builds on years of engineering expertise in providing high-port density RF test solutions in a portable form factor for modern networking requirements. The technology’s scalability allowed AEM to provide innovative test solutions for automotive and 5G front-haul network validation. As a testament to our best-in-class technology, Test and Measurement Solutions have been recognised among the best by the “2021 Cabling Installation and Maintenance Innovators Awards”. 

An esteemed and experienced panel of judges from the cabling community recognised the TestPro CV100 – a Multifunction Cable Certifier Smart Building Test Kits – as a Platinum Honoree, the Network Service Assistant (NSA) – a Multifunction Connectivity Tester – as a Gold Honoree, and the Mixed Mode Multi-Port Vector Network Analyzer (MMVNA-200) as a Silver Honoree.

TMS made significant progress in 2021 with more than 30% revenue growth. The launch of NSA for smart
building network testing has been well-received. During the year, we launched several application specific kits for NSA. Our TestPro CV100 Multifunction Cable Certifier and NSA received several awards at
various shows in 2021, acknowledging our unique portfolio of solutions. In a major expansion of our distribution network, we added strong, new channel partners across the globe.

We had significant repeat business from our existing customers for automotive cable harness test and won new businesses from some of the large players in this space. Our Mixed Mode Multi-Port Network Analyzer (MMVNA) provides important test functionality for automotive cable testing. The importance of our solutions will further grow as the adoption of Single Pair Ethernet progresses. We also introduced new
test fixtures for 4-pair cable and connector testing using MMVNA to serve LAN cable manufacturers.

We have a strong roadmap of test solutions to address both enterprise networks and automotive segments in the coming years. We expect to accelerate our growth in 2022 and become a major player in the market.

We Bring Test Into The Test Cell

Another key role of the Instrumentation BU is to support the Test Cell Solutions BU by implementing test solutions into the Configurable Test Units delivered to our Asynchronous Modular Parallel Systems (AMPS) customers around the world. Each application requires a unique test implementation designed and engineered by our business unit in collaboration with the Test Cell Solutions BU to provide world-class solutions to our customers. 

Power of Collaborative Engineering

Both ATE and TMS Teams worked diligently and with agility to navigate the current shortages and delays in components supply to fulfil the increased demand. As we navigate supply chain challenges extending into 2022, we will continue to work closely with our manufacturing partners to support our customers
with on-time deliveries.

I am proud of the spirit shown by the AEM Teams through another challenging year with the COVID-19 pandemic and the tight supply chain. We are well positioned to provide customers globally with our unique AEM solutions that are catered to their needs, together with the world-class support that we have demonstrated time again for our existing customers.


Pascal Pierra
Senior Vice-President and General Manager, Instrumentation

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