Executive Leadership Team

Goh Meng Kiang​

Vice-President, Global Operations

As Vice President of Operations of AEM, Goh Meng Kiang (MK) is responsible for the planning, directing, and implementing of operational strategies to ensure that the company’s manufacturing operations are sustainable, efficient, cost-effective, and profitable to meet the current and future needs of the organization.

With over 35 years of experience, MK brings vast experience in operation management. He has worked for several MNCs such as Texas Instruments, Apple Singapore and Silicon Systems. MK has also work experiences with leading OSAT (Outsourced Assembly and Test) companies in Singapore namely Statschippac, UTAC, EEMS Test Singapore, and Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Singapore. MK brings valuable expertise and extensive knowledge of the principles, procedures, and best practices in the industry to AEM. His experience in assembly and test processes in semiconductors and as a user of various semiconductor backend test equipment is instrumental in providing valuable insights to AEM’s equipment and product design.

At AEM, MK provides leadership and guidance in systems and processes for various functions, including Quality Assurance, Engineering, Technical Support, and Operations. MK believes in the values of teamwork, where developing a high-performance team is key to AEM’s success.


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